Why Can PFLUON® PEEK Replace Metal in Important Field? Compared with conventional metal, PFLUON PEEK features high tensile strength, low density as well as low expansion coefficient in terms of extreme temperature.
Enhanced with glass fiber and carbon fiber, its strength-to-weight ratio is comparable to or even superior to normal metal materials. The strength and rigidity of long fiber reinforced composites made from PFLUON PEEK are significantly improved.check
PFLUON® PEEK Characteristics PFLUON PEEK® polymer is a kind of special engineering plastic with excellent performances such as high temperature resistance, self-lubricating property, easy processing and high mechanical strength. Compared with other special engineering plastics, PFLUON PEEK® has the following characteristics:
Glass transition temperature of PFLUON PEEK: 143℃, melting point: 343℃, load deformation temperature: 316℃ (30% GF or CF reinforced type), continuous use temperature: 260℃. It owns excellent thermal stability, thermal expansion coefficient is lower than that of steel products, which can substitute steel products and no need to change dimension. PFLUON PEEK is a sort of material having both toughness and stiffness in balance. Its fatigue resistance to the alternating stress can match that of alloy materials, belongs the optimum one among plastic materials. PFLUON PEEK has the outstanding sliding property, excellent abrasion resistance and non-winding property, which is applicable for those that require fine abrasion resistance and low frictional coefficient (0.15-0.30). Carbon fiber, graphite, PTFE compound modified type and 30% carbon fiber reinforced type have the excellent abrasion resistance and sliding properties. PFLUON PEEK owns the outstanding properties in resisting acid, alkali, oxidant, hydrocarbon, salt, steam, oil, liquid, etc. Its chemical resistance is better than that of many special metals, similar to nickel steel. No flame retardant added, it can reach UL94 V-0 standard. Under the burning condition, it releases rather lower smoke, dust and toxic gas contents. PFLUON PEEK holds the optimum fatigue resistance among all resins. When the exposure surpasses 109 rad, it does not crisp, but allows X-ray to permeate(radiability), whenγexposure is in 1100Mrad, it still maintains the good insulatibity. its stretch or bending property basically keeps unchanged after 2,500 hours under steam conditions of temperature 200℃ and pressure 1.4 MPa. It can endure high-pressure steam sterilization. PFLUON PEEK resin has the fine electrical insulation properties at wide temperature range, its dielectric loss is very low at high frequency. The processing modes include injection, extrusion, mold pressing, blow molding, spinning, powder spraying.
PFLUON® PEEK Product Forms
PFLUON PEEK is easy for processing

PFLUON PEEK can be processed with traditional thermoplastic plastics processing equipment. The unfilled and filled brands can be supplied in granular, powder or ultrafine powder form. Granular material is generally recommended to be processed in the form of injection molding, extrusion molding, monofilament and envelope. The powder is suitable for injection molding, while ultrafine powder is often used in coating, composite prepreg and compression molding.
PFLUON PEEK is often used in important applications, and to this end PFLUON can develop unique products for customers according to customer's requirements.
Advanced test equipment and normative test flow to ensure the consistent quality of product,fulfill customer's needs.

Introduced test eqiupment from USA,Germany and Taiwan for IQC,process control as well as final QC to ensure the stable quality of product, assisting customer on product analysis,some specific simulation testing and provide all-around technical service.
PFLUON® PEEK application in some fields
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