Electronic electrical PFLUON PEEK can replace metal, and combine the parts together (one-stage molding) to simplify structure. The parts formed with PFLUON PEEK come with low shrinking percentage and low hygroscopicity, and can satisfy the high precision requirement of the applications.
PFLUON PEEK can also be processed to be glass fiber, carbon fiber, graphite, PTFE modified, special wear-resistant specifications, or prepared to be conductive and antistatic.
In addition, PFLUON PEEK has high purity specifications and can be used in semiconductor industry, especially in occasion requiring high temperature treatment. It features dimensional stability under high and low temperature, ensures clean and pollution-free surface, and it's free from corrosion of irritant chemical and all kinds of solvent.
PFLUON PEEK materials have the following features in electronic components and semiconductor application
  • Excellent electrical property;
  • Available to withstand over 350℃ in the short term, and 260℃ for long-term use;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • High wear resistance;
  • Dimensional stability (low creep properties);
  • Self-extinguishing materials;
Typical applications
  • Gear with precise dimensional requirement;
  • IC socket bracket;
  • Wafer carrying device;
  • Plating selection ring;
  • Wear resistant machining salver, etc;
PFLUON® PEEK for Electronic application
Recommended grades: 8100G / 8200G / 8800G / 8900G
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