Machine manufacturing Metal is the main material for traditional mechanical manufacturing industry. However, the use, processing technology, weight and cost of metal material in harsh environments are facing the impact of competitive advantages of new materials. Various high performance polymer materials have become the main substitute materials. With such advantages as operations, high temperature resistance, excellent mechanical property, light weight, easy processing and high service efficiency in harsh environments, PFLUON PEEK has been increasingly used in mechanical manufacturing industry.
PFLUON PEEK is suitable for extruding and producing plate, bar and tube, which will then be machined to precision industrial parts.For example, the normal operation of gear depends on good friction and mechanical properties, as well as the performance, durability, heat resistance and dimensional precision of erosion resisting medium.
Data comparison shows that PFLUON PEEK meet
demands of machinery manufacturing.
PFLUON PEEK has stable properties and dimensional stabilities under the conditions of heat and humidity, so it’s more competitive than other polymeric materials for gear making. For example, PFLUON PEEK polymeric materials can be used for gear module in automobile transmission, continuous use temperature here is usually above 120 ° C (248 ° F). PFLUON PEEK could meet longer-life requirements in the more harsh industrial environments.
The gear made from PFLUON PEEK highlights the high-load capability in gear test. This allows engineers to pursue miniaturization, compact design and higher properties. With these excellent performances to achieve weight losing, cost reducing and downsizing in gear designing.
Technologies combined with metal / other plastics – low processing cost
Features of PFLUON PEEK gear:
  • Noise reduction;
  • weight reduction;
  • inertia moment reduction;
  • excellent chemical resistance;
  • excellent oil and fuel resistance performance;
  • low hygroscopicity;
  • no expansion;
  • unabated strength;
  • high wear resistance;
Typical applications:
  • Gear;
  • Bearing;
  • Shaft sleeve;
  • Support ring;
  • Guide ring;
  • Wear-resisting sliding block;
  • Seal washer;
PFLUON® PEEK for Machinery field:
Recommended grades: 8100G / 8200CF30 / 8200GF30 / 8200FC30 / 8800G / 8800CF30
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