Automobile manufacturing The automobile engineers are facing a tough challenge, which is to take advantage of high efficiency engine and power transmission system technologies to lower the emission of carbon dioxide for complying with global emission regulations. One of the solutions is to introduce a highly miniaturized turbo engine to meet more severe environment and operating temperature.
As an alternative solution for high strength light-weighted metal and PPS, PEEK high-performance polymer provides automobile engineers with unprecedented choices that can satisfy the new heat-resisting, friction resisting and wear resisting requirements.
PFLUON PEEK PPS resin and all modified specifications are featured with great mechanical property, thermal performance and friction performance, and excellent auto liquid corrosion resistance performance.
PFLUON PEEK has the following advantages in automobile manufacturing:
  • Excellent corrosion resistance;
  • Higher fuel economy;
  • Higher parts integration degree and lower costs;
  • Noise reduction and vibration elimination;
  • Excellent tolerance for auto liquid;
  • One-stage molding;
  • High temperature and wear resistance;
Typical applications:
  • Thrust washer;
  • Seal support ring;
  • Needle bearing replacement ring;
  • Vacuum pump slider;
  • Suspension;
  • Hydraulic valve;
  • Braking parts;
PFLUON® PEEK for Auto industry application
Recommended grades: 8100G / 8200CF / 8200GF / 8200FC30 / 8800G / 8800CF
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