Aviation PFLUON PEEK provides ideal metal alternative solutions for aerospace field, which can significantly reduce the weight of aircraft. It is suitable for developing the new generation aircraft components.
PFLUON PEEK can be compounded with glass fiber and carbon fiber, and can be made into carbon fiber composite with service life surpassing the use limit of some special metals.
PFLUON PEEK materials have the following features in aviation application:
  • No corrosion;
  • Lightening helps improve fuel economy;
  • Reduce noise and decrease vibration;
  • Easy to form complicated components at one time;
  • Lower assembling, operation and maintenance costs;
  • High strength and high modulus;
  • Special chemical resistance and excellent environmental suitability;
  • Self-extinguishing materials;
Typical applications:
  • Composite fastener and its accessories;
  • Binding thread (cable ties and clip);
  • Impeller blade;
  • Radar dome;
  • Landing gear hubcap;
  • External light-weight mechanical part;
PFLUON® PEEK for Aviation application
Recommended grades: 8100G / 8100GF20 / 8100CF20
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