PFLUON® PEEK Offers Diversified Industrial Solutions With unique professional skills, PFLUON PEEK serves all kinds of markets and offers mature solutions. Numerous industrial companies work with PFLUON to promote the development of new technology and serve the current and future.
The performance characteristics of PFLUON® PEEK PFLUON PEEK is one of the engineering thermoplastic materials with the top performance so far. It presents a stable performance in a demanding application environment. PFLUON customers can benefit from all kinds of high performance features and our outstanding professional skills, which meet the current and future requirements.check
the glass-transition temperature of PFLUON PEEK® is 143℃, the melting point is 334℃, load deflection temperature is 316℃ (30%GF or CF reinforced brand), and the continuous use temperature is 260℃. The heat stability is excellent, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than steel, which enable it to replace the steel products without changing the size. PFLUON PEEK® is balanced in toughness and rigidity. Especially, the excellent fatigue durability to alternating stress is comparable with alloy material, and is the most perfect in plastic materials. PFLUON PEEK® has excellent sliding performance. It is suitable for applications with strict requirements on low friction coefficient (0.15-0.30) and friction resistance, and it features with wear resistance and no winding. Carbon fiber, graphite, PTFE composite modified brand or 30% carbon fiber reinforced brand has excellent wear resistant and sliding properties. PFLUON PEEK® has excellent acid, alkali, oxidizing agent, HC (hydrocarbon), salt, steam, oil and liquid resistant performances. The chemical resistance is superior to many special metals, and is close to nickel steel. without any fire retardant, the flame-retardant standard can reach UL94 V-0. The content of smoke and toxic gas released under combustion conditions is very low. PFLUON PEEK® owns the best fatigue durability among all kinds of resin. It does not get brittle under over 109 rads of exposure, and can get through X-ray (ray penetration property). It still maintains great insulating property when γ irradiation dose reaches 1100Mrad. after over 2500 hours under 200°C, 1.4MPa steam conditions, the stretching or bending property remains unchanged. It's available to withstand disinfection with high pressure steam. PFLUON PEEK® resin has great electrical insulation property within wide temperature range, and small dielectric loss under high frequency. the processing methods available include injection, extrusion, mold pressing, blow molding, spinning, and powder spraying.
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